Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Hello all. I hope my Christmas card made it to your home safely. We have been packing in the festivities this month...maybe over packing. The holiday season has us trying to just keep up and make it to those glorious two weeks off! Jacob has been inundated with Wells Fargo events. Last month is was whale watching and hitting up the casinos...this month was ice skating, a boat cruise at Newport, and he is currently still at a Ho' Down, country style gathering. Must be nice.

Allison's first tooth just poked through yesterday...there was a LOT of drool. I'd have to change her clothes several times a day to get her out of her wet clothes. She is crawling with ease and just started cruising. She is progressing too fast for my comfort. I can't keep up with her determination to do what her brother does. She is perfect angel. I can't believe God blessed me with perfection twice (three times if you count Jake). Andrew can be very sweet to his sister...but is has this word 'mine' stuck in his vocabulary and we a quickly teaching him how to share.

This month we have gone to look at the lights, visited the Mission Inn (which is gorgeous during the holidays), visited Disneyland to see the Holiday parade, gotten Swine Flu shots and flu shots, dealt with Andrew bad ear infection and lymphnodetitis, and made cookies with Grandma Brewer. We pick up Grandpa and Grandma Gillette from the airport this Saturday and then we are off to Bakersfield for a few days. If you are exhausted reading this, imagine how exhausted I am experiencing it. Although, I am go grateful for each and every memory...except for the shots and infections.

Health news:
I got the results from my capsule endoscopy today...they came back NORMAL!!!!! There is some great news. This means that I do not appear to have Crohn's disease and there are no ulcers. This also means I get a break from the doctor's office for awhile. I will go in for normal checkups with my liver doctor, but I continue to feel good. The itching is gaining momentum...but I am willing that away. Lotion companies do not have to worry about going out of business...I am a loyal user. The ulcertive colitis is being somewhat maintained...I am learning what foods work well and quickly learning what foods are a 'no no'. In the process, I have lost 5 pounds. There is a silver lining once again!

**If there are spelling and grammar errors...sorry...I'm to pooped to proofread tonight. Take care. I love you all. Thanks again for your prayers!