Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fantastic February!

Oh fun filled February! We have finally come off the holiday high and are back into our normal rountine. The kids are great. Andrew had a couple of horrible weeks...bad attitude, the works. BUT NOW, he is an angel (knock on wood). We get tons of hugs and kisses, he has been picking up his toys, and going to bed and nap when told. Maybe he realized the error of his ways...who cares! I'm lovin' this new attitude. Allison is into EVERYTHING. And EVERYTHING goes into her mouth. Luckily, she hasn't gotten sick very often. She is almost walking, not quite yet. She is beyond adorable (I may be biased).

Valentine's Day

I am still doing Stroller Strides. I have been trying to go 4 times a week, this has made me sore... very sore, but I think I am getting stronger. I'm lookin' pretty buff these days. I was also made the Moms with a Mission Direction. So now I help organize charity events in Riverside. I really like this type of work. We are doing the Relay for Life Cancer Walk in May! This is a great event and a worthy cause. I'm looking forward to it. And of course I am preparing for the Liver Walk in June.
We just got back from our first camping trip of the year. We went to Yucaipa Regional, such a beautiful park! We had a blast. We went with two other families, both Stroller Stride moms. There were tons of toddlers all over the place. Andrew loved digging in the dirt with Dane at night (a night time excavation). The next morning all of the kids went 'fishing' for leaves with their sticks in the big puddle left over from the rain. This kept their attention for a hour! Both kids were completely worn out from the weekend. In two weeks we will be headed out to the beach with my parents, and then Anza Borego Desert in April. We are so excited for all of the planned mini vacations!

House news: Jake and I have been looking for a house lately. We are looking for something with better schools, more kid friendly neighborhood, no pool, yada yada... We put an offer on a house, was accepted, then turned down. And the rollercoaster ride begins. Now we put a offer on a short sale house (it is perfect in every way imaginable...except is needs new everything). The husband and wife of the house are getting a divorce, so things are a bit sticky...it took 2 1/2 weeks, but good news is BOTH parties signed the papers for our offer to be submitted to the bank. And now we wait to hear from the bank. My fingers are triple crossed. This house would be fantastic for our family.
Medical news: Nothing. Isn't that great? I've got nothing. This is partially because I am still on my 6 month strike...but nonetheless, I've got nothing. I feel really good. This new medication seems to be ok...at least I don't feel so sick and tired everyday.