Monday, June 21, 2010

And now it is summer...

Where did the time go? I am genuinely shocked every time I start off my blog with 'where did the time go?' No, really, what happened to Spring? Our family has been quite busy. We just celebrated Jacob's birthday and Father's day (on the same day). Jacob loves to remind me that he is 6 months younger than I am, and we'll only be the same age for 6 months. Something about robbing a cradle... The kids and I are so lucky to have such a devoted and involved parent/ husband.
The kids and I visited Grandma and Papa Gillette in Texas the end of May. The visit was fantastic, the airplane ride was a nightmare. All together, 8 people said they would pray for me, and one prayer card was passed up to me. Never again... until they are older. We are looking forward to another visit on our family vacation in North Lake Tahoe towards the end of July. I can't wait!!!
Jacob is busting it out at Wells Fargo. If anyone was wondering, this month he had several baseball games to attend, as well as a trip to the zoo. It can be tough, we are just grateful he has a job.

I have been super busy with Stroller Strides. I organize the community and charity events. We just wrapped up the Relay for Life event. It was a 24 hour relay in order to raise money for the American Cancer Society. My team raised over $2,500. My mom group is obviously amazing! Last weekend we had our American Liver Foundation Garage Sale. We collected lots of great stuff and raised $750... in 4 hours might I add. The Liver Walk is this Saturday in Newport beach. I really enjoy taking the family out...especially to the beach!

Andrew is developing a very strong memory. Everyday he asks me if we are going to Disneyland. Nearly everyday I say 'No'. He quickly replies with 'Please, mommy'. I say no again, then he says, 'Fine, can we go to Target then'. Ah....yes, now I know this is my kid. He may look exactly like Jacob, but the love for Target comes from ME! Allison is now officially out of control. She is all over the place. She likes to stand on objects that give you a mini heart attack (rocking chair, toys with wheels, picnic tables, dining room tables, etc). She understands 'No', but she also know how to work us over with a smile, turns, and then does what she wants. Maybe I have been putting off time outs because she is my little girl...but that is quickly wearing off.

House Hunt News: dream home was a no go. They had liens on top of liens...and no intention to pay. That home with probably go into foreclosure. I was bummed, but I also clearly realize that if it wasn't meant to be, it just wasn't meant to be. We have enlisted the help of a friend who is a realtor and began house hunting all over. On our 8th house, we found one that 'felt like a home'. We submitted an offer this morning. It is a short sale (arg...I know), but the listing agent said she would put our offer through to the bank and immediately take the house off the market. Now we wait. Again. Round 3. Third times a charm...right?

Health: I'm fine.