Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's already January??

Holy guacamole, time flies. It seems like we were preparing for the holidays...and now we are recovering. We had a wonderful holiday season. Jake's parents were out here for a week. We had a chance to visit his family in Bakersfield and my family on Christmas Eve. I really enjoy the family closeness. Andrew was very 'into' opening gifts this year. We need to get him 'into' appreciating gifts, not just tearing paper off of them. He is quite creative with his gifts though. He uses his new shopping cart to take his new cars to the bathroom...(while I am taking a bath) and then proceeds to toss his cars into the tub for a cleaning. Cute, right? Allie has taken it up with a stuffed pig she got for Christmas. Her and the pig are pretty hot and heavy right now. I'll keep you updated on the development of their relationship. She is standing in the middle of the room on her own, and cruising all of the couches. She is sooo close to walking. I think Andrew is with me on slowing down this process. I walked into the play room to find him riding her like a pony. Lucky for him, she was squealing in delight. Needless to say, we are having many talks about gentle play.

If you haven't already heard, Jake and I are looking for a home. We plan to stay in Riverside, just a different area of Riverside. We figure that the market is ideal to move in...low interest rates, low house prices... and we need to plan for better schools. However, we did not anticipate the real estate war going on out there. It is really a nightmare. Foreclosures and short sales are nightmares. We put an offer in on one, still pending. I'll keep you updated. If we get it, we'll have a guest bedroom again, which means no more couch sleeper for some of you!

Jake and I are getting back into the swing of camping now that the holidays are over and I have no more major tests that need to be run. Our first trip of the year will be with my stroller strides group. Most of the moms I workout with also have trailers. It should be a whole lota fun! We also have a trip to Pismo Beach planned this summer and North Lake Tahoe. I LOVE vacations!

Medical Update: Not much to report. I am in the stage of testing out medications right now. could be worse. The medication I was taking for the ulcertive colitis was making me really nautious. By the end of the day, I was literally sick to my stomach. Within 24 hours of going off that medication I felt incredibly better. But now I'm on a new medication...that is 4 times more expensive (because there is no generic brand out yet). I hate to complain to my doctor because I don't want him to say 'Let's run some more tests'. I know it is slightly immature, however I am putting myself of a 6 month vacation before another medical procedure is run on me. That includes those ob/gyns better back off!!


  1. What a wonderful Xmas you had! Love the pictures :)
    Yeah for a new house, but boo for all the work! I hope that the one you are looking for works out! I'm such a stress case about "good schools" but I guess that is in our nature since that is what we do!

  2. Happy to hear that everyone is doing well. I can't believe that Allie is almost walking, didn't you just have her?jk. Good luck with the house bidding, the right house will work out for you.! Take care, I miss seeing you at s.s.!!