Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Holidays...or is that what terrorists say? Merry Christmas, to be safe.

December is in full swing...and I think my kids are on overload. Naughty behavior, as Santa would say, is at an all time high. I don't think Andrew realizes he is on risky ground here. Andrew has had an interesting month with his poop. For an entire week he would poop, and then smear his poop all over his room (during nap time). We were good for about 2 weeks, and then there was yesterday. Gross. We gotta kick this habit fast. I have no idea what his facination with poop is all about. Is it like play-doh? I don't know. Allie is learning her body parts, especially her nose, eyes, ears, and hair (yank). She likes to point out these features on me, and if I'm not careful I get poked in the eye or a finger up my nose. Below is the picture of the kids and I at Disneyland on Main Street.
We have been super busy making cookies and candy this year. Jake's parents flew in for the holidays and decided to make candy making a Gillette tradition. It is an all day process. Sticky all day process. I kept seeing empty candy cups....and hyper children...hmmm. I think Andrew and Allie helped a little too much in the tasting department. We were told that our street does Christmas lights 'real big'. After 3 days of decorating the outside, we looked like a drop in the bucket compared to some of our neighbors. We'll build up our supply over time...but I certainly don't want that electric bill. To break in our new house, and show off our new lights, we had an open house. Lots of our friends came over with their kids and wagons for some light viewings, drinking, and to play a little LRC (left, right, center...a fantastic money dice game). We got lots of nice compliments on the work we have done on our home. My favorite came from Alayne, who said our house felt warm and inviting. That is exactly how I like it. Below is a picture of our house decorate...kind of hard to see, but take my word for it, it looks spectacular!

This is the 'spirit' award winning bunco outfit...that I made!!

I completely forgot to do a Christmas newsletter this year, I hope this blog makes up for it.

Health news: I recently had an appointment with the transplant doctor in Los Angeles. She was super helpful and nice. She looked over my biopsy and confirmed my was worth a shot right?!? A second opinion doesn't hurt. I am still trying to find the right combo of meds that works well for me. My biggest problem is itching and lack of sleep at night. So...we are going to try Zoloft, which is an anti-depressant drug that controls the part of your brain for itching. (Don't worry, depression is not a problem...yet. If this itching doesn't stop we'll re-evaluate.) She prescribed me some Ambien for a last resort. Riframpin is a common drug used to treat PSC patients for their itching, however, it is more commonly used as an antibiotic for turberculosis. This drug will have to be a last resort, as it can do more damage to the liver. Anyhow, there is the lowdown on my medicine, exciting right?

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