Thursday, October 29, 2009

Buzy buzy buzy

It turns out October is a very busy month. I have so many great photos to put up and stories to tell...I can't hold off any longer! We spent one weekend going to the Southern California Fair. This was a great opportunity for Andrew to ride a pony, feed some farm animals, and enjoy the sprint car races. He loved it all! The look on his face that entire day was priceless. Allison enjoyed it as much as she could...up until the races really got going, then it was just too loud for her baby ears.

Then grandma Cindy came into town for a week. The fun filled week included a trip to a pumpkin patch in Temecula (right in the heart of the grape orchards), lots of shopping, and a trip to the beach. Andrew really got used to Grandma G's attention...he had a hard time adjusting when she went back home to Texas. Jake and I really got use to Grandma's willingness to feed and change diapers. We had a hard time adjusting when she left too. We are looking forward to Christmas time, when we will get our next visit.
Andrew is holding the pumpkin he chose in the corn maze. Grandma Cindy getting a little too close...

Then our family met up for our annual picnic at Oak Glen. Grandma Brewer made sandwiches for us and we got to sit back and enjoy the crisp, cool air of the fall season. We also visited the petting zoo, the pumpkins, and saw how apple cider is made. We finished it off with a horse drawn carriage ride through the apple orchards where we got the history of the land.

Another blog is soon to come...Halloween is right around the corner. We have lots of activities planned. Andrew is going as a cowboy and Allie will be a ballerina...I can't wait to show off my babies pictures, they are going to be so darn cute!!!

Medical Update: I had x-rays done on my small intestines last week. My doctor is looking for Crohn's disease. I had to drink the nastiest white, thick, liquid/solid, so that the technicians could get clear images of my small intestines. The doctor called me yesterday to report that the x-rays came back fairly good. Yes! The word 'good' was used! He said the x-rays can't pick up on ulcers, so the camera capsule has been ordered and I am going in for that on November 5. So I'm not in 'the clear' quite yet, but I feel really good lately. I think the medication is finally taking care of the ridiculous itching, and I am sleeping through the night. The fatigue even seems to be under control. I am getting away with no naps lately. I am still exercising with my wonderful group of moms (Stroller Strides), and every organ seems to be working well, and doing it's job. I LOVE feeling healthy and whole. Thank you for the prayers and good wishes...I think they are working.

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  1. Hi Sarah! I saw your post on FB about your blog so I thought I'd do my part by stalking you :) I have one too but it's private...but send me your email and I'll add you to my private club :)
    I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better and i will be thinking of you on the 5th. I miss you all at SS :( Take care!