Saturday, October 10, 2009

Autumn is here!

The liver walk was a huge success! We raised over $1,800. That is way more than I thought we could raise. Lots of my mommies from Stroller Strides came out with their families. Matt came out with his family and the Gonzalez family, and some other friends from church. I do think we were the largest group. I was so honored and giddy that everyone came out to support me. I met 4 other PSCers at the walk. The Yahoo PSC group made the LA walk their meeting grounds this year...did I luck out or what?! It was so incredible to meet other PSCers.

Onto family news: Jake and I are doing fantastic. We are incredibly busy every weekend, but we find time to sit and relax occasionally. Our biggest worry this month is termites...we have them. Gosh darn! Today we are taking Allie and Andrew to go see monster trucks at the fair. Andrew should really enjoy seeing big 'frucks'. Andrew is really building his vocabulary beyond 'no'. His favorite phrase 'mommy...outside...pease'. He is an outdoors kind of boy. Grandpa Brewer gives him a New York mint every Sunday which Andrew calls 'num num'. He does a dance while he eats his mint. It's pretty cute. We tried to do family photos at the park last Sunday. I have nearly 20 photos of Andrew picking his nose or making an awful face at the camera. I produced 30 photos of my own looking down or winking (involuntary spasm). Jake was the only 'constant' according to the photographer. We will try again tomorrow. Please know how much work went into that photo when you get your Christmas card. Allie is super cute as always. She is cooing up a storm and drooling all over the place. The teeth are on their way. We started her on cereal, which she hates. I can't blame her, it tastes like crap. I continue to encourage her though. I am letting her know that fruits are just a month away...right after we introduce vegetables.

Medical news: So the results from the colonoscopy showed I have ulcertive colitis. The doctor ran blood work to see if I also have Crohn's disease, since there was some inflammation in my small intestines as well. The blood work came back positive for both diseases, but not with strong enough numbers to indicate a clear diagnosis. So....I will go in next week to get x rays taken of my small intestines, and then I will get the camera capsule! The camera capsule is a tiny camera in the form of a pill that you swallow and it takes 10,000 photos of my 'innards'. That should give the doctor a good look at my small intestines. My liver function tests have leveled off. They don't seem to be decreasing any more. I'm still about double the normal amount for AST and ALP....but that is better than 10x the normal amount. Most importantly, I feel good!

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