Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Vacations are never long enough...

The photos will have to come first this is just too much work to move all of the photos down. And we'll have to work backward on our vacation. These are photos of us on the Truckee River.

Andrew and I are fist pumping in Lake Tahoe.

We spent one evening roller skating at the Northstar Village.

We are playing along the shoreline of North Lake Tahoe.

We started our vacation lounging by the pools!

These are the photos from Twin Lakes, near Bridgeport, Ca.

Hi family and friends. We are back from vacation. We waited for it for so long, and then it has come and gone too fast. Our vacation started in Bridgeport, Ca. There is nothing to fancy about this place, you'd miss it if you blinked. However, Bridgeport is the closest town to Twin Lakes. Now Twin Lakes is a sight to behold. We met up with some of my Stroller Stride friends, who were camping there for a couple of days. While we were there, we played at the lake and went on a hike to the waterfall. After two days we were on our way to Northstar at Lake Tahoe. We met up with Jake's parents, brother, and sister in law. Jake's parents rented a beautiful house! It was an upgrade from Bridgeport to say the least. We spent the week lounging by the pool and spa, going to the lake, a boat ride, roller skating, and rafting down the Truckee River. Jake and I even got a much needed date night out while Papa and Amma watched the kids. Lake Tahoe is absolutely amazing. One of the most beautiful places I have ever seen with perfect weather to match. It was such a great week of vacation...well, except for the first night...
Upon arrival, Jake, his parents, and brother went out to the grocery store to stock up for the week. They came home with enough food to feed 8+ people for a whole week. TONS of food. Well, someone forgot to lock the sliding glass door that night. During the middle of the night, a bear came into the house and ate ALL of the food (except for the diet Pepsi because that stuff is nasty). The bear polished off three tubs of ice cream, three pounds of ground beef, all of the hamburger patties, and nearly all of the dry foods. What a beast! He didn't leave a scratch on the doors or refridgerator...but he did leave all of the doors open, which defrosted everything. We locked the doors the next night.
The kids are doing great. Andrew is using 'please' and 'thank you' pretty regularly. However, he believes that if 'please' is used, it will surely happen for him. Ex: "Mom, can I please have a chocolate mint?" "No, it is 9 o'clock in the morning" "But I said puuuuwweeeeesssseeee". Allison wants what Andrew has. This just means we have fights by the minute over toys. If I could bottle up all of the tears that flow over here I could save on my water bill.

Today we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our next nephew. Betty is at the hospital, and as of now is 7cm dialated. We plan on meeting the kiddo tomorrow!

Health news: I'm good to go!

House news: Well, this one may be a bit longer than health news...although it could have easily affected my health news. House buying is for people who have patience, or crazy people. One of the two. Jake and I are currently working on our 3rd home the first two just didn't work out for us. We are suppose to close escrow on the 12th of August. Not going to happen. However, the inspection, appraisal, and termite inspection all came back good! The former owners jacked the detachable pool fence...which I think is SO wrong, but there is nothing we can do about that. The most recent issue that we came across that caused the delay in the close of escrow was the fact that the seller is from Korea. She is a foreign owner which creates a whole circus of IRS issues if the house is sold over a certain amount. Good news: The bank decided to drop the amount of money we are going to pay in order to avoid a huge IRS penalty. So...we saved nearly $10,000. Amen, now we can get that detachable pool fence. We are near the end. Everyone knock on wood.

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