Monday, September 20, 2010

September September

Very soon after vacation, Jake and I came to the realization that we must pack, and we must pack fast. Moving day was fast approaching, and it turns out we have more 'stuff' than we did the last big move. (By the way....all of this packing talk means WE GOT THE HOUSE!) We moved on September 7th with the help of many friends and an awesome brother. Jake and I are still in the process of making home improvements and unpacking...both are very time consuming. We starting by repainting most of the upstairs. Then my cousin Michael flew down from San Fransisco to help us redo the kitchen and downstairs bathroom...both covered in Southwest wallpaper. Jake's parents gifted us paint, a cleaning lady, and carpet cleaning (all were complete blessings!). And lastly, Jake's parents gifted us the ever so safe pool fence...that the previous owners didn't see fit to leave. So now Allison and Andrew enjoy playing outside, and I feel really safe about it! Things are coming together (big sigh)...and someday we will be all settled in. In the meantime, the big search for the box that contains Jake's ties continues!
Here is Andrew and Allie helping with the move.
The rest of the house photos are all 'before' photos.

Andrew just celebrated his 3rd birthday on September 13. We went to Disneyland for the day and met up with his BFF Dougie. Andrew is finally tall enough to ride on the Autotopia cars and Matterhorn! Yes indeedy...Andrew rode his first roller coaster, and he LIKED it! I was surprised. Allie and Andrew are adjusting to the move. We are deperately trying to reestablish routines and new rules...without them, my kiddos have been a bit naughty. They are adjusting more and more everyday.

Towards the end of August, we went to Bakersfield to celebrate Grandma Marj's 90th and Papa Chuck's 80th birthday...I included a few photos from that too!

Next blog, I'm going to put in "Our Great House Changes"...and there will be plenty.

Health news: I requested blood work due to increased itching (which I also refer to as rip off my skin itching), and it indicated my bilirubin level was elevated, but all other levels were at a stand still...which is good. Not much news now. Thank goodness.

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